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Design Portfolio

As a designer, I have experience in print media, digital and interactive media, photography, and illustration. My software expertise includes In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, and collaboration apps like Trello, Notion, and Google Drive/Docs/Sheets. I am also proficient in HTML/CSS with a basic understanding of JavaScript.

See my case study on the Charger Challenge 2022 Fundraiser here.

Fancy an exploration of design history from 1900-1969? Here are my thoughts.


Web Design & UI/UX

For Tony Rotter Woodworking, I oversaw the implementation of an existing DIVI design that I selected, and I collaborated on the structure with my team leader at An Army of Writers.

I last overhauled An Army of Writers’ website a few years ago, but I implement ongoing web design updates.

This is my concept for a magazine rack app, where different publications put forward scrolling, mobile-first versions of their magazines. It is specifically designed to focus on scrolling as navigation, rather than trying to emulate print magazines.  Videos and other web-only features differentiate it further.

A retro design with sherbet colors, Pop’s Parlor is a landing page for a concept local ice cream parlor.

Graphic Design & Branding

Albuquerque Academy

Part of my work as the Design Lead means supporting institutional design consistency for community-facing and external designs. From there, I also did design work for specific campaigns with their own design sub-standards. The institutional graphic design guidelines can be found here. There are some duplicates below, as some designs contain branding from multiple campaigns or organizations.

Some of my designs are not present, as they featured photographs of children.

Institution-wide Designs

These are designs to be used across Albuquerque Academy, by many departments. Some of the earlier designs use a previous, lighter iteration of the logo.

The signage is for a campus-wide sign redesign. The design will be iterated for each set of content by the sign company.

For the ID cards, Think Summer is a sub-organization of Albuquerque Academy, and uses different colors and branding.

Charger Challenge Campaign

See the case study here.

Charger Challenge is a fundraising campaign in 2022, combining Albuquerque Academy’s annual Spring Day of Giving and a tournament at Topgolf. For this campaign, I created multiple email banners, a social media banner, a poster series, and a vinyl banner design that has just gone to print.

All images have been converted to PNGs here, but the originals are variously PNGs, AI files, and PDFs, as appropriate. Where there was a choice, only RGB versions were included on the website.


New Student Picnic 2022The new student picnic is an upcoming celebration of new students, and I was asked to create a flyer that was consistent with this t-shirt design:


Levanta is a new music program through Albuquerque Academy that offers community classes. The assets were provided, as was a lookbook.