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Dayna Diamond

Marketing Consultant & Digital Media Expert

As a marketer, I’ve focused on digital media and organic & inbound marketing. (Please note: I do not have experience in paid advertising.)

I’ve worked in marketing since 2016. I have experience in a number of areas, including editing, content, SEO, and digital media. With an economics degree and a strong background in statistical inferencing, I also have the skills necessary for robust analytics, and I am familiar with Google and Twitter Analytics. Additionally, I have worked in lead generation and automation. In order to stay up-to-date on contemporary marketing strategies, I follow newsletters from industry leaders such as Hubspot, Contently, and Ed Gandia.

At current, I have several active projects. With An Army of Writers, I am supporting our shift to automated lead generation, including template development and A/B testing for our automated email strategy. With Albuquerque Academy, I act as the design and social media lead, and I am overseeing the implementation of a filter I designed to increase new student social media engagement.

See my resume here.

Recent quantitative successes

  • implementing an influencer strategy with LifeSpace, a student success app, to achieve a 12% Facebook engagement rate
  • engaging in lead generation to help support a lead conversion rate of around 20% at An Army of Writers

Recent digital media highlights

  • completing a Master’s degree in Digital Arts and New Media
  • implementing a site chatbot as part of An Army of Writer’s new lead automation strategy
  • creating an Instagram and Facebook filter to increase new student engagement

Accolades & Certificates

  • BA in Economics
  • BA in German
  • MFA in Digital Arts and New Media
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate
  • Recognized for excellence in undergraduate research at the 2019 Southwest Economics Conference

Visual Portfolio

Digital Media

Web Design


Contact me

If you have a marketing plan you’re confident about, you can hire me as a freelancer. Alternatively, you can consult with An Army of Writers to flesh out your content marketing plan and brand pillars. I am also available for hire as an employee.

Email me at missdaynadiamond [at] gmail [dot] com to ask any questions or set up a time to talk.